Terms & Conditions (“Terms”)

Last Amended: July 4, 2021

Please note that the below terms and conditions are non negotiable and a contingency of your booking.  If a term of the rental agreement is violated or if at any time we feel that a booking is misrepresented or unsafe, your booking will be ended with no refund given and you will be asked to leave the premises

Terms of booking

You may only use the space for the intended purpose of the booking.  Any misrepresentation (such as booking for a photo shoot and attempting to hold a party) will result in your booking ending immediately, with no refund given.

Load in and load out times

Your rental time must include time to setup and break down. Your load in and load out must have zero impact on our neighbors and surrounding businesses. Unless there is an advance agreement with the building owner and your Film LA permit allows it, you cannot pile your equipment on the sidewalk, hallways or in the lobby under any circumstances. It creates an eyesore and draws unwanted attention towards. Likewise, the common areas (hallways, lobby, parking lot, etc) may not be used for filming.

Excessive noise

There are several other businesses and residences in our building. Because of this, music must be kept at reasonable levels so as to not disturb our neighbors. Live music must be approved in advance and monitored for sound levels

Particulates and cleaning challenges

No lit candles, burning sage, confetti, glitter, smoke, powder, fog, haze, artificial blood, powders and body oils, feathers or other particulates are allowed without prior written consent and refundable damage deposit.


No animals of any kind will be allowed inside of the studios without prior written permission and refundable damage deposit. This is due to severe allergies.

No drugs or alcohol

No one will be admitted who appears to be intoxicated by any legal or non legal substance. Alcohol or recreational drugs will not be allowed in the studio. There will be a $300 fine for each instance of alcohol or drug use.


Overtime is billed in one hour increments at 1.5 times the standard hourly rate. Please be aware that overtime may not be available due to other bookings or other responsibilities and ensure that you book enough time for your project, as well as load in and load out times.

Do not move plants or furniture

Unless otherwise agreed to, the space should be used in as/is condition. This means that the space may not be redecorated and large furniture such as sofas, folding screens and beds may not be moved without prior permission and an appropriate damage deposit. Likewise, plants (artificial and real) may not be moved, damaged or altered.

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