Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your burning questions about photo studio rentals, event rentals and F-Sequence hosted events.  If you don’t see the answer to your question listed here, you can contact us at Contact Us

Privacy and space are important considerations when renting a photo studio or event space and so we do our best to ensure that you have a sense of freedom while you’re with F-Sequence Studio.

That being said, we do have security cameras operating at all times, for the purpose of theft and damage prevention.  Ask and we’ll be happy to point them out to you!  There no cameras in the bathrooms however, making them an ideal location to change.

Yes, yes and emphatically yes!  Both F-Sequence Studios are fully climate controlled and kept at a comfortable 73 degrees year round.  How do we do this?  A little robot!  Yes, there is a tiny robot that pushes the button that turns the air conditioning and heating on and off.  To turn this off manually (for sound recording), simply say “Alexa, turn off the air conditioning” and the fans will turn off.

Yup, no problem.  If you’re looking to host an adult production, please let us know in advance.  The only difference with adult productions is that if you’re using one of the bedrooms, you’ll need to purchase a set of white sheets from us for $30, or bring your own.

Amazing question; yes, yes we do!  Included at no additional charge for your rental are up to three strobes.  We have a total of 6 flash strobes, which are split between the two studios.  If you’re in need of more than three, let us know and we’ll see if more are available

One of the coolest factors of F-Sequence Studio is that both spaces are fully integrated with Amazon’s Alexa smarthome system.  All of the lights can be turned on and off, as well as individual lights.  Or you can turn them off via the switches….like Philistines :)

Yes please, we love music!  There’s a couple of rules though: we have a multi room smarthome system powered by Amazon’s Alexa that you can control by saying “Alexa play everywhere”.  That last word is important, as there are many many Echo speakers in each loft.  If you don’t add the word ‘everywhere’, it will only play on the speaker close to you, which might be an itty bitty little speaker, rather than a big booming speaker.

Yes, but with conditions.  If you have a small bluetooth speaker, that is totally fine.  But large amplifiers and DJs are not allowed, as they will disturb our neighbors.  As a general rule, if the sound is loud enough to hear in a neighboring unit, we will ask you to turn it down a bit.

As a general rule, no!  Please don’t do this without telling us, as it may set off our smart smoke detectors, which will automatically contact LAFD and create a whole scene.

If your production absolutely requires a haze machine, please let us know in advance and one of us can monitor things to ensure it doesn’t turn into a Whitesnake video (rip Tawny Kitaen)

Yup, we even have a ladder you can borrow to get them off the ceiling.  Because some will always end up on the ceiling!  Also, you have to let us make the ‘chipmunk voice’ at the end.  We love that sort of thing.

No.  Don’t even.  If we see glitter, confetti, feathers or other small particulates, we will end your rental with no refunds given.  There have been…incidents.

If your production or event requires moving anything, please do not take it upon yourself to start moving furniture, decor and especially plants (real or artificial).  If we see this happen without prior approval, we will step in to put a stop to it.  Please understand that plants will break and die when they’re moved or mishandled and that this has happened more than once before.

Instead, be up front with us about your needs before you book and we’ll do our best to work with you to supervise and oversee, or prepare a custom quote for you.

We may have a booking or event after your event or production ends.  Please make sure to book enough time.  We will usually send you a notice when we think it’s time to begin breaking down and loading out, or for smaller shoots, we will send you reminders at 30 minutes and 15 minutes.

If we are able to accommodate overtime, we will charge you in advance at 1.5x our standard rate, in 30 minute increments.