Musician Headshot Photography

One of my favorite musician headshot photography clients is also a woman I jokingly call ‘mom’.  Kathleen and I have known each other for years now – her son Brian is a good friend and client and I’ve followed her amazing career as an opera singer, all the way up to her performance at Carnegie […]

Architectural & Advertising Photography – Las Vegas

 A visitor’s first impression of a company’s trustworthiness and professionalism is often based upon the photography on their website, which is most important advertising a company can have.  We took the below shots for one of our long standing Las Vegas law firm clients, who were undergoing a website redesign. They had requested both architectural […]

Beauty modeling headshots – Victoria

Victoria has been a great friend and one of our favorite models in Las Vegas for some time now.  We’ve worked several photography projects together and her natural beauty is matched only by her wonderful personality.  As strange as it sounds, parts modeling is actually the most common form of modeling – there are jobs […]

Promotional headshots – Jool Jones

Jool Jones is a fantastic comedian from Virginia that traveled all the way to Las Vegas for her promotional headshots.  Let me begin by stating that Sarah did such an amazing job with her makeup (never, ever skip professional makeup artistry for your headshot) that I could hardly believe how good the shots looked straight […]

Tenqa Headphones product photography

While it’s not uncommon for us to have two similar product photography projects in a short duration, it’s usually never this specific!  Literally a day after we begun the bluetooth headphone project for Voxoa (from the blog post here), we were hired by rival company Tenqa to photograph their bluetooth headphones as well! Advertising photography […]

Corporate event photography – Aria Hotel, Las Vegas

Despite being one of the staples of F-Sequence Studio, I don’t often blog about corporate events. Unless it’s something like a concert or celebrity red carpet, candid event photos often don’t have much context, except to the photographer and their clients. A person talking, people talking, or people listening often don’t mean much to a […]

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