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F-Sequence Studio is a Las Vegas photography studio with a focus on headshot, editorial and advertising services.  Commercial photographer Deacon Tyler brings over 15 years of professional experience to every project.  Deacon’s work is immediately recognizable as being clean, contextual and consistent and has been featured in nearly one hundred publications worldwide.  Since 1998, Deacon Tyler has worked with dozens of art directors, publicists and recognizable brands in Las Vegas and across the world. View our galleries of photos online and contact us at (702) 513-5037 to reserve a session or consult on a project.  Or, click here to contact us online and receive a detailed proposal.  We look forward to working with you!

Commercial Photographer Deacon Tyler

Owner of F-Sequence Studio, Las Vegas photographer Deacon Tyler works with each client on an individual basis to create and execute creative direction.  Each photography project is met with warm and friendly communication, clear and concise goals and stunning visual imagery.  A list of photography specialties include:

Las Vegas headshot photographer

Headshot Photographer

Deacon Tyler offers headshot photography for business professionals, models and actors at our Las Vegas photography studio and also on location.  Corporate headshots establish a sense of professionalism and build confidence in potential clientele. 

Model and actor headshots serve as a resume, making headshot photography a critical investment and an excellent way to begin your career as a performer or model.  F-Sequence Studio offers editorial sessions, as well as full zed card  sessions at our Las Vegas studio or on location.

Las Vegas event photographer

Event Photographers

Las Vegas is a hub of internationally recognized events, from corporate gatherings, conferences and concerts.  Event photography requires a fast eye and excellent technical expertise to handle low or rapidly changing lighting and key moments that occur in the blink of an eye.

F-Sequence Studio stands as leading event photographers in Las Vegas, offering magazine quality images for every event and a team of experienced photographers.  We routinely work alongside event planners and marketing firms to produce editorial worthy event photography images and offer packages from a single shooter, up to 3 or more experienced photographers.

Las Vegas product photographer

Advertising & Product Photography

Professional product photography has an immediate and measurable effect on purchasing decision and is often the first impression that a buyer will receive of your company.  Clean, accurate images improves confidence and is the most important form of advertising for your brand.

Las Vegas photographer Deacon Tyler and partner Sarah Werner provide expert styling and product photography for dozens of clients each year, including several internationally recognized brands.  Our services range from white background images to full product displays and context filled ad campaigns.

Las Vegas food photographer

Food Photography & Styling

F-Sequence Studio has worked alongside dozens of restaurants, chefs and sommeliers, food magazines and cookbooks in Las Vegas and abraod to develop visually appetizing works of art.  Excellent food photography is well known to stimulate the appetites of viewers, which translates to increased sales.

F-Sequence Studio is also one of very few commercial photography studios in Las Vegas to also specialize in food styling in addition to photography and editing.

Contact F-Sequence Studio Las Vegas

When the success of your company or career is dependent on the quality of your images, it’s critical to entrust your photography to an experienced studio.  View our galleries of work online and contact F-Sequence Studio today at (702) 513-5037 to request a consultation at our Las Vegas photography studio, or even over the phone.  We can’t wait to work with you!